Jade Scarlett Stone

~About Me~
♡Hogwarts House: Slytherin
♡Godly Parent: Athena
♡Age: 15-18 (Can, be older or younger, just depends on roleplay.
♡Sexuality: Bisexual (Male Preference)
♡Nationality: American with a bit of French-Canadian and Norweigan
♡Relationship Status: Single (Probably forever lmao)
♡Blood Status: Pure-blood (But pretends to be Muggle-born most of her life because she is in danger.)
♡Amortentia: Wood from a broomstick, spearmint & orange (Oil Blend, old books, green apples, lavender, dark chocolate, parchment.
♡Wand: Holly with phoenix feather core, 10 3/4", unbending flexibility.
♡Likes: Reading, books! Writing, Studying, Being in Nature, Carrot (I miss you Brax..), Drawing, being alone, did I already say reading?
♡Dislikes: Book haters, being around too many people, bullies, transphobics, homophobics, rude people, being bored, running, sitting in nature/by the lakeside
♡Personality: Kind when she lets you get to know her, has a very sharp tongue, and can be cold at times. She is very curious and loves being outdoors and having her alone time, she cherishes alone time whenever she can get it. She is generally quiet unless she wants to stand up for what she believes in, intelligent, Savage
♡Family Life: She never told anyone, but she watched her parents die right in front of her. She pretends to be muggle-born because of this and she is actually a pureblood to very rich and famous parents.